[Business Consulting] Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2014


Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2014

- Free Legal consulting service


An efficient and systematic one-stop total legal service


The law firm Daehwa offers a comprehensive legal service that starts from inquiring contracts and providing consultations to handling legal disputes in order to help its customers successfully accomplish their dealings.


- Date : 2014. 12. 04(Thu)~05(Fri)


- Place : COEX E Hall 3rd floor


- Booth : Near Booth A.13 (Next to Buyer Lounge)


- Time line   

   1) Mr. Shin Lawyer 10:00~12:00(Thu, Fri)

   2) Ms. Lee   Lawyer 13:00~15:00(Thu, Fri)

   3) Mr. Park Lawyer 15:00~17:00(Thu, Fri)

   *The above schedule is subject to change

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